​About Hudson Valley Bucket List

​​Hudson Valley Bucket List takes you by foot, town car, limo, or luxury mini-coach to explore the Hudson Valley's boutique wineries, farms, cider houses, distilleries, and local sites while showing off the region's unique, walkable towns that hold great stories.

​Meet the Team

The region holds great stories and being a local, Hudson Valley Bucket List likes giving a different perspective on different sites and experiences. Giving guests a background of interesting history but including a twentieth century perspective on these same stories. The Walkway Over the Hudson is a major attraction in the Hudson Valley being the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world. It wasn't always the modern marvel, at a point it was considered an abandoned ruin that was an eye sore and liability for the surrounding towns. It holds a seedy past which rumored the area for generations.
Becky Varone Owner and founder with a unique story of the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley Bucket List was created out of a love for the region and travel. Over the past 20 years she's taken every opportunity to travel inside and outside the U.S. Her style of travel is independent with local guides and day tours to give a base of the culture and the "inside scoop" from locals. Having a guide helps you discover things you probably would have never found or hear a story that makes your travel experience that much better. There is nothing more disappointing than having a short time to experience the region and not have the history and stories that go with it.

Becky wears a few hats from hosting tours, working with regional historical societies, and finding new and different experiences that scream the Hudson Valley. Her niche is working with farms, boutique wineries, cider houses, distilleries, artists, local sites, small shops, and eateries that "love what they do" to give guests a true escape for the day. "I like taking this explosion artisanal goods of the Hudson Valley and giving our guests the chance to walk through a vineyard and talk to the farmer while tasting the wine produced or having lunch with the dairy farmer as he tells a story of naming their cheeses after a Spring "dance" the cows do after feeling grass under their hooves for the first time since Fall.

Bob Varone is a native of the Hudson Valley for over 40 years. He has a unique perspective on the area and has a knack for making guests feel like family. On every tour, he brings a real comfortable, laid back vibe to the day.

Hosting tours he always recommends Beacon after a day with us at the vineyards. It is a small city, if you're a local it can be like Cheers, where everyone knows your name but it has a great story with an underdog quality to it. This quirky, hip city is the perfect day trip or ideal for the weekender. It peaks every interest from the arts lover with art galleries and Dia:Beacon, the inner foodie with places like Kitchen Sink Food & Drink, Beacon Pantry, the Beacon Hotel, Ella's Bellas, or the history buff with remnants of Beacon's past scattered throughout.  Beacon is a fun way to end the day. 

Meet the dynamic duo. At the tender age of one, Aria is experiencing the Hudson Valley. She is Becky's sidekick with a focus on finding new and different experiences. You won't meet Aria on a tour, she usually has the weekend off. It's during the week, Aria and Becky set out to find the latest and greatest in the Hudson Valley. "We get lost together popping in and out of establishments. Aria has a love for animals and friendly faces. Her favorite animals are dogs and has a palate for grapes and cheese." Check out some days with Aria.


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